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Naïve or Evil?

Are vegetarians evil or simply naïve?

Vegetarianism, as a way of life, has been around for millennia – with relatively few adherents. Something less than 5% of the population practice vegetarianism. They believe that they're doing the world a favor and investing for something of significant value by abstaining from meat. To them, this kind of investment is so much better than any of the best life insurance policy out there. Many of these vegetarians are allied with left-wing causes and even work in the news media, which they have used to promulgate the notion that a vegetarian way of life is healthier. Not surprisingly The Vegetarian Society has capitalised on these reports using them to persuade members of the lay public that their way is better for the animals, the environment, and, not least, for human health – and numbers are growing. Recently, they have been spreading more lies and propaganda even proclaiming that vegetarians are smarter than the rest of us!

Vegetarianism is unnatural for homo sapiens. We were designed to eat an omnivorous diet, to do otherwise is unwise and unhealthy. While limiting ones intake of red meat and foods which contain high amounts of cholesterol is a good idea, eliminating animal protein from ones diet is folly. When misguided vegetarian and vegan parents do this to their children, it is downright evil.

Compare the shape of a human to that of a gorilla, a herbivore, as pictured above. The area between the chest and the legs of the gorilla is much greater than the same part of the man. The gorilla needs a much larger digestive system to exist on a vegetarian diet. The walls of all plant cells are made of cellulose, a form of dietary fibre. There is no enzyme in the human digestive system that will break it down. And with the cell walls intact, the nutrients in the cells cannot be digested. Passing unaffected straight through the gut, therefore, all the nutrients in the plant would be ejected as waste. Horses and cows, also herbivores, have several stomachs which will ferment and further break down the complex cellulose that these vegetable fibers are made of.

Seeds, the staples such as rice, wheat, maize and beans, play an important part in our lives today. All of them must be cooked before we can eat them in any quantity. Seeds and berries are a plant's reproductive system. Many are designed to attract animals to eat them but there would be little point in this if the seeds were digested. No, they are indigestible – deliberately, designed to pass through the animal to be defecated and take root elsewhere. Two means only are available to make them digestible: cooking and grinding.

About half our brain and nervous system is composed of complicated, long-chain, fatty acid molecules that are also needed by the walls of our blood vessels. Without them we cannot develop normally. These fatty acids do not occur in plants. Fatty acids in a simpler form do but they must be converted into the long-chain molecules by animals – which is a slow, time-consuming process. This is where the herbivores come in. Over the year, they convert the simple fatty acids found in grasses and seeds into intermediate, more complicated forms that we can convert into the ones that we need.

Our brain is considerably larger than that of any ape. Looking back at the fossil record from early hominids to modern man, we see a quite remarkable increase in brain size. This expansion needed large quantities of the right fatty acids before it could have occurred. It could never have occurred if our ancestors had not eaten meat. Human milk contains the fatty acids needed for large brain development – cow's milk does not. It is no coincidence that in relative terms, our brain is some fifty times the size of a cow's.

Vegetarian parents do damage to their children that will take generations to repair - the effects and damage of a vegetarian diet will be observed in the intellectual and physical development in the grandchildren of the vegan/vegetarian parents!

How vegans and vegetarians harm their children...

Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian!
Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian and loved animals.

Have you ever heard a vegetarian tell you how vegetarians are kinder and gentler people because they care about animals? Some of them believe that their false religion has made them morally superioir to non-vegetarians. In their warped minds, their vegetarianism is final proof of their moral superiority, and they feel that they have the right - and obligation - the dictate to non-vegetarians on moral grounds. . More >>>

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In Africa in the 1930's Dr.Weston A. Price compared primitive groups composed largely of meat eaters, with those that were mostly vegetarian.

The Masai of Tankanika, Chewya of Kenya, Muhima of Uganda, Watusi of Ruanda and the Neurs tribes on the western side of the Nile in the Sudan were all cattle-keeping people. Their diets consisted largely of milk, blood and meat, supplemented in some cases with fish and with small amounts of grains, fruits and vegetables. Rich in animal fats, these diets provided large amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins Price discovered to be so necessary for proper development of the physical body and freedom from disease.

These tribes were noted for their fine physiques and great height—in some groups the women averaged over 6 feet tall, and many men reached almost seven feet. Examinations of their teeth revealed very few caries, usually less than 0.5%. Nowhere in his travels had Price yet found groups that had no cavities at all, yet among the cattle-herding tribes of Africa, Dr. Price found six tribes that were completely free of dental decay. Furthermore, all members of these tribes exhibited straight, uncrowded teeth.

Largely vegetarian Bantu tribes such as the Kikuyu and Wakamba were agriculturists. Their diet consisted of sweet potatoes, corn, beans, bananas, millet and Kafir corn or sorghum. They were less robust than their meat-eating neighbors, and tended to be dominated by them.

"The natives of Africa know that certain insects are very rich in special food values at certain seasons, also that their eggs are valuable foods.

It is significant that the vegetarian groups practiced the feeding of special foods during gestation and lactation. Apparently carnivorous groups found no need to supplement the diet, as it was already rich in the factors needed for reproduction and optimum growth. The healthiest tribe that Price studied was the Dinkas, a Sudanese tribe on the western bank of the Nile. They were physically better proportioned and had greater strength than any of the other tribes. Their diet consisted mainly of fish and cereal grains.

This is perhaps the greatest lesson of Price's African research—that a diet of whole foods, one that avoids the extremes of the carnivorous Masai and the largely vegetarian Bantu, but incorporates both nutrient dense grains and seafood, ensures optimum physical development.

Vegan and vegetarian parents deny their children the essential nutrients that our ancestors and even the most primitive of tribes know are essential for optimal human growth and development.


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When Humans settled down and changed from a hunter/gatherer lifestyle to a farming/agricultural lifestyle, there were some significant changes in size. Switching from a meat-rich diet to a a diet rich in vegetables and grains resulted in a six inch loss in height on average..

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